Sunday, July 6, 2008

Rolll up, Roll up!

The circus is in town. All winter we've rattled past in the tram looking out for the Big Top and here it is, we wait no longer, no more sleeps - it's today - magnificent Circus Oz.

"Ella the Acrobat here" is how Ella answers the phone first thing in the morning. Suitable outfits are picked. Acrobat tricks (eg somersaults and leg pointing) practiced.

Boy Clown gets into role, having cheered up from his earlier performance as World's Most Miserable Clown while having his Clown Nose applied.

Do not try and escape little multi-directional clown. It's not a dissappearing act.

Almost too much - nearly time for the show to start.

Circus circus - sway pole, pole, trapeze, clown, group bike, hoops, contortion, juggling, teeterboard, hula hoops, upside-down acts, kangaroos, MUSIC, magnificent.

1 comment:

Nana said...

I think I the pink kangaroos were the most fun and the cleverest was the teetering chair pile with the two acrobats having tea!