Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Ella's recycling talk

Ella did a talk on recycling at the Storytime session at our local library today. Walking along one day Ella saw some rubbish on the ground and was wondering why people didn't recycle their rubbish. We talked about how some people don't know about recycling or how important it is. She wrote to the children's librarian, her friend Jeanette, and asked if she could do a talk on recycling to the kids at Storytime. Jeanette thought that was a great idea. Ella planned how it would go and we made a poster and she designed an activity for the kids (colour in the recylable and stick it on the recycling truck). She was so nervous, but there was no question she was going ahead with it. She's a strong, smart girl. My heart swelled to see her growing into herself so beautifully.

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