Monday, November 17, 2008

house-bound house-found 3 - sticky tape

And how about this little mixed collection of craftyness, reading practice and green found on the kitchen table?
Sticky-tape- how it is loved in this house. There is nothing my girl cannot mend or create with a few bits and pieces and some sticky tape, which she much prefers to glue any day - so in case you're in need, here are a few sticky tape ideas: make a laptop with a plastic box, bits of paper and stickytape; stickytape a buckle back onto a broken shoe; stickytape a button to a door as a doorbell; stickytape a torn hat back together; stickytape some buttons to a small cardboard box to make a mobile; stickytape fabric scraps onto small dolls as clothes, make a sculpture from some stickytape, feathers and a large cardboard box ...

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