Monday, January 5, 2009

hoteliday ---<>--- christmas

Tamara and Ella's Recipe for a Hoteliday*
one girl
one mummy
one hotel room
one christmas 'tivities' plan
some chips
some fizzies
one spa bath
lots of little hotel packets
some fabulous outfits
a surprise auntie
mix it all up - have lots of cuddles - discuss everything - befriend people - take a taxi and a tram - read in bed together - get room service
The mum and girl should be exhausted by end and ready for quiet night in and a bit of regular bedtime.
This recipe is quite adaptable actually - any combination should be great - as long as you don't miss out the little hotel packets.
*Hoteliday = a holiday in a hotel for a day

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bee, fre and me said...

It's a suprise to see you all in black Tamara ;)
I love the christmas words installation in the city square, and the one with the children's drawings about christmas.