Tuesday, May 27, 2008

I can make a rainbow

I've been leafing through 'I can make a rainbow - thing to create and do with children' which my friend Michelle lent me - a gorgeous battered family copy, much loved over many years and now going into the second generation. This evening I started reading from the back of the book and found these ideas which I love.

Balloon postcard. Fill a big sturdy baloon with helium. Tie a postcard and a note (covered with plastic) to the baloon. The postcard should be addressed to yourself, and the note should ask whomever finds the balloon to mail you the postcard and tell where they found it.

Hands and feet. Trace around your hand. Use your pattern to cute 30 hands from green paper. Glue the hands, one touching another, into a wreath. (Feet could also be used - and hands of different sizes).

Walking collage. Go for a walk with a bottle of glue and a small flat board. Collect natural objects and glue together a collage as you travel along.

Home Campaigning. Make your own campaign buttons ... to campaign or promote anything! Cut heavy cardboard circles - colour slogans on the front and glue a safety pin to the back.

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