Monday, May 26, 2008

lookout for leaves

We've been really enjoying looking at and collecting leaves this autumn. We find them on walks and they find their way into the top of the pushy and sometimes from there into the leaf press. This autumn we got not one, but two, leaf and flower presses. The leaves come out perfectly flat and lovely - but a different colour. I have an envelope full - still trying to decide what to do with them. The last leaf in the pictures is the last of our wisteria - now mostly twigs.

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Julia said...

got back from 10 days away and found a pile of autumn leaves at my back door - a foot deep! my green flip flops were just peeping through like little hibernating inch worms. and then, in the night a whole army of the crispy little leaves climbed the walls, slipped through the window and started grazing on my bathroom floor!!

ps also found a slug in my shower just as i was stepping in .... arggh, where are the blenders when you need them.