Sunday, June 29, 2008

Early morning

Early morning balloons. We are suffering a bit of TOO-EARLY at the moment. With small pre-breakfast snacks needing to be served to noisy boys at 6am when it is still pitch-black outside. So time to watch the sky brightening and balloons (our favourite balloons) float overhead.

Early morning Blossom. Dear Apricot tree - what are you up to? You've only just finished dropping the last of your leaves - but you do hate to be bare. While we were eating lunch a week or so ago Ella shouts "Mum - LOOK! Look out there!" She had seen the first blossoms breaking through, and when we went to explore and examine we were so happy to find the whole tree covered in bursting buds. It's only June - but this tree looks like and smells like spring, wafting it's fresh beautiful blossom-scent in through our back door.

Early morning tail. Do cat's sleep in? Never. This tail is taking a little quiet exercise before a full day of toddler tail-tainment. Trot-trotting into the frame comes one small boy, fluent in cat language, but deaf to these firm words: "SOFTLY, SLOWLY, GENTLY! And NOT his TAIL! NO! NO!"

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