Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Great Garden T

Just to surprise me, the winter garden has not completely perished. After spending loads of time (in my mind at least) in summer flapping about with potting mix, plant food and water for some pretty hard-to-spot results, I decided to give it all up for the winter while I pondered the problems of not enough sun, disappearing worms and Very Hungry Caterpillars. To expand: the worm farm seemed deserted, nothing grew much and what did grow was immediately munched up by a really healthy, happy herd of beautiful, fat bright-green caterpillars. So I left it all alone and expected nothing, but I noticed that the mint is BACK (sssshhhhh - don't tell the caterpillars), the parsley's poddling along, and the worms were just hiding - I snuck up on them one morning and caught them all diving into the compost. So I got a couple more pots at the market the other day and might get to reorganising the deckchairs soon and then giving them some more healthy neglect - as obviously the survival of the fittest approach is what works best for this garden. Don't be fooled though - it's not that great. I found a book the other day on Jardin Majorelle in Marrakesh, which E and I visited in 2000 and got to longing for those lush greens and that blue ...

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