Sunday, June 1, 2008

Lovely things

We took a family trip into the city and up the very special lifts ("The lifts remain some of the last in Melbourne to be operated by a 'lift lady'") in the Nicholas Building to visit Kimono House - a Japanese textile workshop that Mum had discovered. I have been looking at Japanese Loop Bags lately and trying to work out "how to" and finally got a set of instructions. This is my first bag - and I like the way it turned out and hope to make many more! Also here is my new wonderful felted hole-scarf from my Felting Friend Michelle, which I love. She said the "holes were the most popular" with her friends and explained how to refelt it if it needed it down the track. I like this concept - that you sort a bit of wear and tear with some gentle coaxing with soapy water and bubble-wrap and hey presto - brand new scarf.


chelle said...

Great job on the bag!

Julia said...

bag is too nice, so is scarf!!